Memorable Itinerary: DIY Like a Pro in 4 Steps

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Ah, memorable itinerary…let’s face it, we have all been there. Feeling overwhelmed, not knowing what to do and how to spend the time available in a foreign city. Or even better how to utilize every minute to the fullest.

I am not saying that relaxing should not be part of the visit. I mean most people would like to do so and if you don’t then something is not right.

All I am saying is relaxing does not create memories, so would you like to explore, learn, experience, broaden your horizons and relax at the same time? If so, then just continue reading.

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The amazing truth is that every place on this earth is unique with plenty to offer.

Selecting your daily activities should be closely aligned with the time you have in each city. If you are traveling with a partner and/or child/ren then every persons’ needs and likes should also be taken into consideration.

Communication is the key to a successful itinerary planning. Trust me it can get pretty bad in a min if someone gets cranky or unhappy and it will be the person in charge’s fault for not planning something from the get-go.

Here are a few tips on how to be the Rockstar planner.

1. Find desirable activities for a memorable itinerary.

I and my partner know each other pretty well I would say. This allows us to know what we would like to see in a new city. Standard stuff like famous sites for example.

But there are so many more things that are amazing and yet not that famous. How do you find them you might ask?


What we do is, search for videos of the city in question. Titles such as

Things to do in…………

Famous sites in……….

What locals do in…….

Basically, anything that you can think of and you might be interested in, will do the job.

While looking at them, check for the places you might find interesting, ask the rest of the travelers to join and decide together on the sites and activities. This way everybody gets involved, nobody feels left out and the best part is that information is absorbed. How cool is to know a bit about the place you are going to visit!

Pro-tip for families:

This activity research is a great bonding experience too. You will be surprised by how many new things you will learn about the people involved in the search.

2.  Book the tickets online.

Once, you have found the activities, then it’s time to visit the websites (if applicable) of the activities you want to do and the places you would like to visit in order to book the tickets.

Why should you book the tickets online?

I can’t stress how much better this is! If you have the tickets from the get go you skip the line and save yourselves a ton of time waiting in line. Do you prefer to wait in a long line just to be able to buy the tickets or walk in like a VIP?

On the plus side, it will make you feel like rockstars being able to enter casually, passing all the “simple people” who have been queuing for hours 😂.

In some cases, “skip the line tickets” also include some offers, check them out, why miss out on discounts or free stuff. It will only make your visit extra enjoyable.

3. Do not fill all of your free time with activities you found online.

You didn’t expect to read that one, did you?

What I mean is that once you start exploring the city you will discover activities that are not that famous but so much fun. Some of them for free too. Be spontaneous as well, create unforgettable memories from discovering hidden gems.

After all, that is how the greatest memories are created and a memorable itinerary as well.

In every city we have been there was always something authentic and unknown which was awesome. Just be on the lookout. Pay attention to details, do not be afraid to explore off the beaten track and you will be amazed.

4. Relax, it is essential for a memorable itinerary.

Remember that you are on vacation and you have to relax too. I think I wrote this for myself 🙂

What do you enjoy doing? Laying on the beach, relaxing at the pool. Enjoying a glass of wine while looking at a spectacular view. Reading a book surrounded by nature?

In other words, whatever may tickle your fancy, just do it. There are 24 hours in a day. You can do everything.

What we usually do is start the day with breakfast, explore and visit sites in the day. Short breaks for snacks and coffee are always a must. You get to relax a bit and then continue. At night we always like to visit a local restaurant to try the traditional food and enjoy the atmosphere.

How to have a memorable itinerary in 4 steps!

  1. Search for the activities from back home!
  2. Book those activities online!
  3. Have some free time for spontaneous activities!
  4. Relax!

All in all, a good itinerary for a trip is a must. We have found that these particular steps save us plenty of valuable time which could be spent enjoying the trip instead of researching everything on the spot.

Personally, we feel satisfied having some of the time available in the city scheduled from back home. It gives us a sense of accomplishment. We have a great time exploring and experiencing the culture once there since we have done most of the planning ahead.

Our adventure starts from back home with the activity research.

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How do you plan your trip? Do you have extra tips?

23 thoughts on “Memorable Itinerary: DIY Like a Pro in 4 Steps”

  1. I need to get out and travel more! lol. I rarely go anywhere but I love the idea of mapping out a trip in detail while still leaving space for spontaneity and relaxing without any agenda. Great insights!

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    1. Hello Bill,
      Thank you so much for taking the time and expressing your honest opinion. I couldn’t agree more, your words encourage me to continue writing my posts with integrity. I always try to provide trustworthy, helpful, and practical information. Unfortunately, I have also notice that most of the information provided on the internet is not that reliable and the reader must double, or triple check sometimes. Since I know how precious everyone’s time is my goal is to not waste it. Thank you again for visiting, commenting and fueling me to carry on with my calling in life.

    1. Hey Divine, I couldn’t agree more, I love to be organized. This way I get to enjoy the place without worrying that I might miss something of interest ☺️. Thank you for your kind words.

  3. I definitely need to do an itinerary the next time i go away. wasted so much time looking stuff up while away, and it would have been better to have spent that time making memories.

    1. I have been there too Dawn, but now I tend to plan ahead. It has saved me so much time😊. Thank you for visiting and commenting.

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