The Best Virtual Tours to Get Transformed to Italy Now

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Ever since the lockdown, I have been dreaming of being able to go back to how it was. I know you all feel me, right? Here in Greece restrictions are slowly being lifted and we are slowly going back to some kind of normal.

Traveling outside of the country is still out of the question for me and I am going a bit crazy. Since I fell in love with traveling I have been doing it quite frequently for the last 5 years! The current situation made me explore other opportunities to satisfy my wanderlust!

One of my favorite activities while visiting other countries, was going to all sorts of tours. In this post, I will share with you how you can still do that virtually if you are a tour lover like myself.

Lately, I have been feeling nostalgic and I miss exploring Italy. So, naturally I was so excited when I found some virtual tours online. Check out the best tours I totally recommend for anyone that would like to visit Italy or just wants to be transformed there virtually and recall memories like me.

The best tours I totally recommend for anyone that would like to visit Italy or just wants to be transformed there virtually and recall memories like me. Click To Tweet

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Explore Rome via virtual tours

One of the must see cities in the whole world. The Roman history can be found literally in every corner. As you walk through the streets you will discover so much history. Since, this is hard now here are a couple of interesting tours to consider!

Virtual Tour of the Roman Colosseum

The Colosseum

A visit to Rome would not be complete without touring the Colosseum even through a virtual tour.

This enormous building which was initially build and used as the Gladiators playground is considered to be one of the most iconic ancient sites in the world.

Discover all the secrets the Colosseum has through the 1 hour virtual guided tour. Where you can ask questions or simply have a conversation about the site and it’s history.

This tour is perfect for the Ancient history lovers, for the first time visitors and those who simply wish to go back like me😊.

The best part of it (for me) is the price – $11 ONLY!

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Virtual tour of the Roman Forum from home

The Roman Forum

Explore Foro Romano in the comfort of your own home! It is considered to have been the center of the Roman civilization. All you need to do is to grab your headphones! How cool is that?

The tour includes numerous temples and two basilicas with audio narration and real pictures to make your experience as real as possible. The audio is in English and the whole tour lasts 1 hour and a half.

You will also be able to see the street view and the surroundings of the Forum.

This is an awesome way to visit the Forum virtually and get to enjoy everything that it has to offer hassle-free.

Get the tour for the amazing price of $14.40 ONLY!

Virtual Tour of the Sistine Chapel

This chapel is located in the official residence of the Pope, the Apostolic Palace in the Vatican city. The chapel is famous for its Renaissance frescoes painted by Michelangelo.

During the 1 hour tour you will be able to engage with an expert guide who will share stories about the masterpieces of the chapel.

Did you know it took Michelangelo 4 years to complete it and that he denied painting it initially?

To learn more click here.

Explore Florence via virtual tours

This historic city is the capital of Tuscany, which is famous for the Architecture and Renaissance art. In Florence you will have the opportunity to see Michelangelo famous statue “David” and the works of Botticelli in the Uffizi Gallery.

Replica of David

Virtual Tour of the Uffizi Gallery

In this 1 hour virtual tour the guide will share stories and secrets of their life working in the Gallery. You will also get to virtually visit the amazing Florentine museum.

You will not only hear of the Master artists’ techniques but also their wealthy patrons, who for decades have commissioned pieces that would display their power and prominence.

So if you want to uncover the stories behind these works and understand their importance in not only Italian culture but also the culture of humankind, then book your virtual tour now!

Get the tour for ONLY $11!

Explore Naples via virtual tours

In Italy they say “You haven’t lived unless you’ve been to Naples”. The third largest city after Rome and Milan and the birthplace of pizza. Who doesn’t want to explore a city like that?

The city is close to the Mount Vesuvius and the world famous town of Pompeii.

Virtual Tour of Pompeii, the City Frozen in Time

This ancient city was destroyed by the eruption of the volcano on Mount Vesuvius in 79 CE. The ashes and other volcanic matter covered 19 feet of the city.

This quick burial is what preserved the city through the years but it wasn’t until the 19th century when archaeologists discovered the ancient ruins of Pompeii. Here is a chance for you to explore it from the comfort of your living room.

On this 1 hour tour you can engage with the expert guide and ask questions about the city, its people back then, and the thriving public life of Pompeii.

You will also have the amazing chance to enter the hidden caverns and secret passages of the ancient city. Excited already?

Book now for ONLY $11!

Explore Venice via virtual tours

The capital city of the Veneto region consists of 100 small islands in a lagoon. Fun fact: Venice has no roads just canals! The taxis, busses, and cars are boats.

Venice is famous for its Renaissance and Gothic palaces with The Doge’s Palace being the central attraction!

Virtual tour of the Doge’s Palace from home

This tour is for those who love the Venetian Gothic style. When you book your 2 hour tour you will get the chance to gaze at the beauty of the Institutional Chambers and the New Prisons of the Palace.

This virtual tour is a mix of audio narration, real images, satellite and street views of the palace and its surroundings. In the most iconic points, you’ll get to move forward and backward, turn towards any direction and see what you would really see as if you were there. How cool is that?

The price is ONLY $14.40!

Last words of wisdom for virtual tours

To canclude, there are some thing to consider before booking.

Please check all the availability, refund policies, and any kind of equipment or tools you might need for the tour of your choice! Most of them require headphones, you can check my picks below!

Don’t forget to check what is included and what’s not!

Beware of any extra charges like booking fee and etc.

By doing so beforehand you will save yourself the hassle later, believe me.

Now relax and enjoy your tours! Happy virtual touring!

What you will need

Here are my top picks!

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