3 Powerful Instagram Caption Tips You Need to Know

Do you struggle with captions on Instagram?

Are you jealous of the engagement some accounts get? Well, they didn’t discover America. They know what works and they apply it.

But don’t worry it’s not rocket science!

They were once like you, struggling with captions… until they learned a few little-known secrets. I’ll share them with you below, but shh don’t tell everyone.

Pretty soon you’ll be a Pro, I promise. All you need to do is follow some tips copywriters swear by…including me.

But before I cover them in detail…Let’s start with some basic answers to the questions you might be asking yourself…

Why are Instagram captions important?

Well, they can be the difference between getting lots of likes on your posts… and getting none.

As you have already noticed, not all posts get the same engagement. If your caption is boring and not connected at all to the pic or you’re blabbing about different stuff. People won’t engage. They’re busy and you’re asking them to give you some of their time with a blah post…

The truth is, we all want to engage with our followers… and the way to make them take action is through captions and pics.

Sometimes pics don’t need any caption. You know the ones you come across while scrolling and stop to admire them.  But let’s face it, most of the time our photos aren’t worth a 1000 words.

For those exact pics, you need to create engaging captions. The ones that make your audience Stop, Read, and Engage!

The ones that made you do the same thing 2h ago. Think about the last account you engaged with, what was it that made you do that? Off the top of your head, you most likely don’t have an answer but psychology does. It was the way they used the words and wrote the story.

It sounds simple, doesn’t it? Well, after you know what to do and write a couple of your own, it will be a piece of cake. But before you start baking let’s talk about the 2 pastry assistants you need.  Characters and Hashtags.  Do you know how many to use in your cake recipe?

Don’t sweat it, no water needed for this one!

Instagram characters!

Captions can be up to 2,200 characters long but that doesn’t mean you should use them up. If whatever you want to say is short, sweet, and on point…go for it.

Your audience will love you for it. Nobody has ever complained if something is simple and clear to digest.

People will read whatever interests them! So, if you’re getting their attention with a few words, then you’re already doing better than most people.

Keep in mind:

🔉Captions don’t need to be lengthy to be effective.😱

You need to be able to strike some kind of emotion… convey a message in such a way that your audience will bombard you with likes and comments😎!

Don’t forget to use some emojis but don’t over do it

Instagram hashtags!

You can use up to 30 hashtags. Some people claim that the ideal number, for you to use would be between 15-20, others would tell you to use all 30.

The thing is that the more well-researched hashtags you use, the more chances you get for exposure. Experiment with what works best for you and your brand.

Lately, I try to use as much as I can😊 depending on how much time I have. I do research them which is time-consuming but worth it.

So, use as many as you see fit but research them first. To do that use the search bar and check how competitive the hashtag is. Usually the more posts there are with this hashtag the fewer chances your post has for people to see.

You can have a variety of different hashtags.  A few very competitive, some average, and the rest not competitive at all. Play around and see what strategy is best for you. You might not need to go for the highly competitive ones.

Now that you have your assistants at hand, time to start writing! But use them wisely…

How to write an Instagram caption?

Here are the powerful Instagram caption tips you’ve been waiting for…

1. Focus on 1 thing, only!

Always start writing with the main idea in mind. One thing, that you want to focus on. You can apply this for all captions and different accounts. Whether you’re providing a service or you want to connect with your followers.

Consider these before you start writing your caption.

👉 What are the qualities and values you want your brand to embody?

👉 What adjectives describe your brand?

Your answers will give you a better idea of:

  • What language to use (Pro tip Want to be approachable? Use simple words, conversational language, and sprinkle your personality all over. Avoid fancy words at all costs. )
  • Which emotions you want them to feel (Pro tip – Want them to feel exclusive? Use words like: “little known”, “notorious”, “secret”, “hidden”, etc.)

Your answers will give you a better idea of what language to use in your caption and which emotions you want to convey through your posts.

2. Grab the attention from the get-go!

There are two reasons for this.

People will spend only 3 sec on your post. If it doesn’t interest them, they’ll ignore it and keep scrolling.

Not the whole caption shows on the feed. Only a few lines, so make those count. Get your message across right away.

Make the opening line so strong that people can’t ignore it!

How to grab attention?

  • Use quotes
  • Numbers
  • Mind-Blowing facts
  • Rhetorical question
  • Little known news

3. Tell them a Story!

Why a story?

It is usually a story that gets the attention. Why? Coz our brains like them, we grew up listening to some kind of a story. The big bad wolf, Cinderella, Romeo & Juliet, David & Goliath. Let’s not forget the real-life stories from our grandparents. All stories from our childhood that we all remember.

Why? Coz stories are memorable and easier for our brains to store.

Wanna get your audience to remember you? Tell them a story. Make it engaging, use real facts, exaggerate a bit if necessary.

To round up the powerful Instagram caption tips

It is obvious that there is a lot of detail that goes into writing engaging Instagram captions. People don’t get engagement because they are some kind of wizards..they know what they are doing. And now you know too.

So get out there, have your 2 pastry assistants ready, and start baking. Remember that it takes a few times until you make the perfect cake… follow the 3 powerful tips and your cake will make people lick their fingers in no time.

Be creative, not boring!

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