5 Amazing Mother’s Day Gift Ideas You Need to Check out!

Being in lockdown is not easy, especially when there is a special day that you used to celebrate with your loved ones. If you have been isolating for a while, you must have had those days of celebrating from afar or virtually. With another one coming on May 10th you need some Mother’s day gift ideas to impress.

I have been social distancing for more than a month now and wasn’t able to celebrate Easter, both my parents’ birthdays and my own, as I used to but I had to get creative and still make those days as special as possible.

In this post, I will share some ideas on how to make your mom feel special on the upcoming mother’s day. If she doesn’t live with you and you haven’t been able to properly hug her and see her then these ideas will totally make her feel special. Even if you live together this post is full of ideas for you as well.


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1. Send her flowers!

Flowers are commonly believed to symbolize life and fertility. There is no one who represents this better than all the mothers out there. If you know her favorite flowers then you are in business, just pick them and click send.

There are countless flower delivery services across the country. Many of them even have discounts for this exact day.

The fdt.com offers same-day delivery Monday-Friday for the last-minute shoppers. If you schedule your delivery a few days ahead of Mother’s day (which is on a Sunday) they will deliver. That is awesome, don’t you agree!

Delivery is available Monday through Saturday, with Sunday delivery available on select holidays.”


Another company that delivers beautiful flowers is 1800flowers.com . They have international delivery service and their arrange of flowers are breathtaking.

There is also Proflowers.com that you should check out as well. They have 24h support and their website is extremely user friendly.

You can never go wrong with flowers!

2. Get her a gift card for mother’s day!

If your mama is a bit picky 😊 (which is a good thing it shows she appreciates the good stuff😉) a Gift card is the way for you. This way she can use the amount however she pleases. Speaking from a women’s perspective this is the best option if you are confused about what to get her! Another advantage is that you also save yourself a lot of time.

I researched two well-known stores and their gift card options for you. I also found some great offers that might interest you.


We all know how popular Sephora is, I mean with over 200 brands and more than 13,000 premium products to choose from including perfumes, skincare, bath and body, hair care to name just a few, it is bound to be.

If you choose to go with Sephora then you should know that there are 3 options you have when it comes to their gift card options.

  • E-gift cards which you can send by email. This is very convenient for the current situation. You can also personalize your gift card by choosing from the pictures they have or even upload your own. How cool is that? They even have an option for Spanish designs! Oh, and you pick the amount of money you would like to gift.
  • Classic gift cards are sent through the mail and there are 5 different designs to choose from. The whole packaging is so presentable. It is a black Sephora box and inside a sleek, black, dual-mirror compact with the card inside. Oh, and the best part, it doesn’ t expire!

Let’s face it all women, including me, like to play around with skincare products, makeup, and everything connected to taking care of ourselves. I am sure your mother is no different and she will greatly appreciate a Sephora gift card.

I definitely like the personalized ones because every time she uses it she will remember that exact moment of receiving the card from YOU. So sweet …

Extra tip to save you and your mom some $:

If you are a member of their Beauty Insider Community then you can get 10%, 15% or 20% off depending on your status.

Check some more beauty offers available only for the Beauty Insider members.


Marks and Spencer is a great company that pays attention to quality and value for money. Their products include fashion, homeware, furniture, wine, and food. Like it or not, all mama’s are quality fans as they should be. Marks and Spencer offer something for everyone and mothers love their stuff.

Currently, they have 83 different designs to choose from for your ultimate e-gift card with 36 of them being Mother’s day designs.

You can manually choose the amount of money you would like to top up from $10-$500.

Extra tip to save you and your mom some $:

Currently, M&S has some sales for the US. Check it out below!

US sale:

⚠ Available until the 1st of July, 2020!

Always check the description of the product to make sure the sale applies.

3. Get her some Jewelry!

How about some Jewelry? I am sure your mom loves some blink on the body😊. Even more so if you get her a luxury designer brand one. This way you can show her how much you appreciate her.

Dazzle her with designer jewelry from mytheresa.com.

“Stand tall in Mytheresa’s luxurious array of women’s jewelry; feminine sophistication shines through in our edit of beautifully intricate designs”


Or you can opt for some Swarovski Crystals Jewelry their mother’s day collection has it all. Rings, earrings, necklaces, smartphone cases, pens, watches, and more.

They also have Gift cards which are sent by post and the payment is done via their secure online shop!

If she is into some mythical talismans, check out Common Era Jewelry.

Common Era Jewelry is ethical, sustainable, and intentional. Inspired by ancient mythology, their timeless jewelry brings history to life in modern form. They donate 3% of profits to the Animal Welfare Institute.

Currently, Common Era Jewelry offers 10% off for you, and 10% is donated to the COVID-19 relief. USE the code: STAYHOME

4. Buy her some Electronics!

Getting her some technology is awesome as well. I remember when my partner bought my mom a laptop, after accidentally spilling some wine on the old one while trying to fix it🤣🤣😂.

Her facial expression was out of this world. She was so happy, you see up until then she was using our old ones 😊.

Now that hers is new she has it all to herself and she learned so many things to do on it. You should totally consider buying your mom one.

Check out DELL’s offers, their Inspiron series laptops start from $279,99.

Lenovo has some on offer that go as low as $199,99, isn’t that amazing! Here you can also check the other electronics they currently have on sale.

HP has a whole mother’s day campaign section with everything from Laptops, gift cards, pocket printers, to bags and gadgets.

5. Send her a gift basket!

Gift baskets are an awesome idea to fill it with her favorite chocolate, flowers, wine, or anything else you know she enjoys. Many of the places offer personalized baskets to pamper your mama.

Design it yourself gift baskets offer free shipping once you enter this code: FREESHIP. ⚠ THIS CODE IS LIMITED FOR ONE BASKET PER ORDER.

Here you can check their Mother’s day Baskets!

Sam’s Club offers flowers, chocolates, gift baskets and towers, and more at affordable prices. Check their availability NOW!

Let’s not forget the Gourmet Gift basket, they are a family-owned company that sells a wide variety of holiday, birthday, student…etc gifts, including high-end baskets featuring Dom Pérignon & more affordable gifts to fit any user’s budget.

Here you can check their Mother’s Day Gifts and Gift Baskets assembly. Some include FREE SHIPPING!


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5 important reasons for my Mother’s day gift ideas

  1. Flowers are a great way to put a smile on her face, every time she sees them they will remind her of you! On the downside, they last for a few days.
  2. A Gift card is perfect to let your mama choose what she wants and be happy with it. It makes your life way easier!
  3. Some Jewelry will go a long way. It is a timeless gift that will always remind her of you!
  4. Any kind of Electronics is an awesome idea if she is not tech-savvy, you will save her a lot of time, effort and trouble by getting it for her.
  5. Personalized Mother’s day gift baskets are incredible to flower her with her favorite items.

Whether you choose to send your precious mama flowers, a gift basket, get her jewelry, a gift card, or some electronics she will appreciate it greatly. Any idea you decide to borrow will be successful and you are bound to impress your mama and crush the competition with the rest of the siblings around the world 😉.

Do you like my gift ideas? What were you thinking of buying for your mama? Let me know in the comments …

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