It all begun one morning with a simple question while enjoying a cup of cappuccino on the balcony having the view below. ” Darina, Why don’t you start a blog? “

By Darina Ivanova

The idea for the blog came from my partner.

” Darina, I can see the urge you feel to share knowledge on about anything and everything to anyone willing to hear. So a blog would be the perfect match for you” he casually stated to me. This is when something clicked in my mind.

Sometimes all we need is a push in the right direction and here you have it, the Darami blog was created.

Darina with sunglasses and a flower in her hair

I don’t believe in having a niche, one particular thing cannot describe a person. Certainly, you agree with me and since this is a personal blog, I want to share all sides of me and everything I know without having any limitations.

You see, I have a bit of trouble putting myself in a box.

Here I will post about traveling, language learning, exploring, real product reviews of things I owe and I am pleased with, recipes, productivity tips, and hacks, and real talk on various subjects.

I believe we learn as we live. I am still learning new things and I would love to share things with you as I discover them.

Currently, I am trying to learn Spanish, how to blog, how to stay productive, while at the same time doing the slow carb diet. And Oh boy, I can’t wait to share :).

So Darina, why should I read your blog, you might ask?

I am the person that family and friends come to for a solution. It gets tiring at times but I have embraced the role and the satisfaction from the end result is beyond words. This trait of mine has made me a bit of a perfectionist and I always seek the best solution. No, resolution or second-best doesn’t work for me, I am sorry.

My brain also works in a practical and detailed oriented way. I tend to apply these in my everyday life, at the supermarket buying groceries, planning a trip, writing content, teaching, exploring a new place and many more. You get the picture, to say the least, my brain is a fascinating mess!

I think we are all unique full of untaped valuable knowledge on all sorts of topics. Only by sharing what we know to prevent people from struggling on their own, will we create the true meaning of society.

On a professional note

My passion is teaching English to speakers of other languages. I love what I do and I have been doing it for the past 10 years. Not to brag or anything but not only have ALL my students who followed my instructions achieved their target language goals but even when they see me on the street, after years of not seeing each other, I receive a hug! How sweet is that? It just shows me the positive impact I have had on them.

These days I have fallen in love with content writing, ideas just pop up, while writing on one topic another one in connection is born. When I write words just flow naturally and time flies without me noticing. I start picturing in my head how everything should come together. That might sound weird but I assure you that I am totally sane ( I think).

I also have extensive knowledge of the pharmaceutical beauty products due to years of experience working in a pharmacy. I had the incredible opportunity to try and play around with different products. Discover what works for me and most importantly, learn all about the skin and the body. How different substances react to different conditions and many tips that I will share with all of my readers.

Besides those, I have been a customer support agent, a barista, ice-cream parlor manager and a failed chicken farmer.

On a personal note

Ever since I can remember myself, helping people was my first reaction. I always try to find a solution to a problem, sometimes even when there isnโ€™t one ๐Ÿ˜Š. On this platform, all the posts have the main objective to help you in some way.

Travelling is what gives me a purpose to live. Exploring new places and experiencing new cultures give me life. If more than 2 months pass by without hopping on a plane, I get cranky. I received a notification from Google once “Darina you traveled 8,000 km this month using your car”. I can assure you that it didn’t feel that much.

By now you must have got the hint. I overthink everything. All the things I do or say have been researched, tested or done. My posts will be written in the same way. Since my main goal is to help you in some way I cannot waste your valuable time with useless content.

Viewing the world from a positive perspective is a choice I always tend to make. Sometimes it is hard but it is always worth the effort.

Hobbies and interests

I love the sea, swimming in it, walking on its beaches, and exploring sea life, are all activities that provide a sense of freedom and serenity to me.

My interests are reading books on personal and professional development, learning new things, self-discovery and awareness, and Psychology.

Fun facts about Darina

Cleaning makes me relax.

Now itโ€™s your turn

Drop by my social media pages and say hello.

I would love to hear from you!