August: the Sunday of Summer; monthly rewind

I am not ashamed to say that months while the pandemic pass so quickly! Another month full of adventures has passed us by. This means that it is time for another monthly rewind!

Honestly can someone tell how it is September already?

I feel like the days are less than 24 h, has anything changed that I am not aware of? Please let me know!

The monthly rewinds posts are great to recap, try and remember all the adventures darami blog has had and share them with all of you. I think I have said this before but this series of posts help me recall, relive, digest and appreciate the good and the bad.

Huge news for darami blog in August.

DA authority is 8

We are proud to announce that the domain authority of daramiblog is currently 8. I know this is nothing compared to others but if you imagine up until a month ago the site didn’t have any. So we will take and celebrate small wins and we will run with it.

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Courses I’ve done

This month I have been a bit lazy with educating myself through courses and I ended up doing only one. Which is better than nothing and to be honest the course is awesome. The instructor makes some great points and the insights he has on marketing are astonishing!

Viral Marketing and How to Craft Contagious Content via Coursera

In this course Jonah Buger explains how some ideas catch on and some simply don’t see the light of day. He is also the best-selling book author of “Contagious: Why Things Catch On“. In the course he uncovers the secrets involved into social transmission.

I am literary impressed by the amount of information this course has and I can’t wait to implement what I have learned. If you are eager to create contagious content then you should most definitely enroll in this course!

“May August wind blow you in the right direction. – De philosopher DJ Kyos Click To Tweet


Besides going to the beaches around Athens and trying to explore most of them we also went to Cape Sounio which is about 2 h drive depending on traffic. Surprisingly, I have never been there although I have been living here for the last 19 years. Yikes! Saying it out loud sounds like a lot.

Here are some pics from Cape Sounio and the temple of Poseidon!

We went on a few road trips to the island of Evia which were full of adventures. We chose Evia as a destination since the island is relatively close and accessible by road.

Due to the pandemic we didn’t want to risk it for too many days so it was 2 days in the central part, 2 days in the northern part and 2 days in the southern Evia. Some islands had to go under lock down again, others had a curfew implemented and seeing this we were a bit worried.

Here are some great pics from Evia island.

YouTube newbies

I am happy to announce that we launched a YouTube channel as well. Can you guess the name? I am sure it didn’t take you long…..and ….you are correct….we kept the same name daramiblog.

Check some videos below and give us a like, comment and SUBSCRIBE to be notified once we upload a new one.

New toys

In the month of August we got 2 new toys that are actually great for what we are trying to achieve. We got an action camera which is my toy. As you know I love swimming and chasing fish so getting this was perfect for me. If you visit our YouTube channel you can see some amazing videos I have uploaded.

I am guilty of not having enough storage space anymore, the footage I have is just too much. The truth is that I can’t wait to work on all my ideas for videos and share all of them with you.

Check one of the videos shot with the action camera.

Due to being fair by nature we also got a toy for my partner. We got the Dji’s Mavic Mini and it has been amazing. There are so many features and the videos and pictures are just breathtaking. My partner is so invested in it I get a bit jealous 😊 but please, don’t tell him. Let this be our secret😄.

We love the drone so much that I actually wrote a review of the fly combo version we got. Feel free to check it here.


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