Proven Aloe Vera Benefits that Most People Should Know!

The famous plant has been praised by many as a miracle worker and I am sure you have also heard a lot about it, but do you really know if there are proven benefits to Aloe Vera? There is countless reliable research done on the plant published by doctors and

What You Need to Know about the Coronavirus! Updated April 5th!

I am sure by now you have had plenty of info about the coronavirus also known as COVID-19. This post is NOT about how many people have been diagnosed or what the virus is. In this post, I will share my opinion, quote some professionals, and cite reliable sources about?

What you Need to Know if Struggling with Sensitive Skin.

Ever since I can remember myself I have been struggling with sensitive skin. The smallest thing could create a rash, a bruise, a blister, irritation, dryness, and even huge flakes. I know some of you can relate🙄. Over the years I have experimented with numerous products, home remedies, and tips.