tree of knowledge

Knowledge sharing!

On this personal sharing knowledge blog, you will find original stories. Well-researched and resourceful posts and personal opinions backed by well-rounded research.

I will also write posts that will be against traditional wisdom in a rational way. My personal success story and the experiences I have had.

All posts on this blog will be about sharing the knowledge I have learned from experience on various topics, such as language learning, traveling, cooking, well being, self-care, home care, and many more.

What to expect?

Here you will also find some articles on psychology, and real talk about the everyday situation and human behavior.

Share your knowledge. It is a way to achieve immortality

” Dalai Lama”

I strongly believe that we as humans can only discover our true potential by becoming self-aware. We are so much more than our job description, personal title, sexual orientation, skin color, religion, nationality, and all the other boxes society likes to categorize people by.

So, one of my aims on this blog is to inspire people to explore their true potential, chase their dreams and challenge the status quo.

Knowledge is of no power unless shared!

Currently, I am on the lookout for personal development tricks and tips. How to stay productive and be happy with what you do. I would like to bring you along on my journey and share all the valuable info I know.

My main goal is to provide some kind of help to you, the reader.

Why did I start?

I created this blog for the people that are constantly in search of acquiring knowledge, looking for solutions to common problems that experts might say that canโ€™t be solved. The overthinkers, the travelers, the students, the explorers. My blog is a safe place for all curious individuals.

Check out my about page to get to know me better and who knows we might have some things in common.