How to Get from Athens to Evia island: a Local’s Guide

Getting from Athens to Evia, Great sand beach
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If you are in Athens (Greece) and would like to visit an island that combines beach and mountain views but don’t want to go far, then the closest choice is Evia; right across. Getting there is pretty easy and I am here to guide you on how to get from Athens to Evia.

There are plenty of options to consider and see which one works best for you. Another important thing is where exactly in Evia you want to go. Being the 2nd largest island, one can easily assume how big it is. So just pick a destination and read along to find the best way to get there!

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how to get from Athens to Evia

Points of entry to Evia island

There are a few points of entry via car, ferry or both considering you don’t own a yacht, boat, private jet, helicopter or any other fancy means of transport 😊.

Getting from Athens to Evia island by car

You know me, I like comfort and having a car to go around is perfect. You get to stop whenever you want and explore mother nature as you go.

I must admit that those spontaneous and unplanned stops were the most memorable ones. Let’s not forget bathroom stops 😊 they are so much more convenient!

So via Car only from Athens you have 2 options!

Firstly, start by driving all the way to Chalkida or Chalkis, both names are ok, which is the capital of Evia island. There are 2 bridges that connect the main land with the island and both are at Chalkis.

The new bridge is more modern and sure more convenient but it gets crowded and you might get stuck in traffic. Due to being new more people prefer it.

The old bridge goes around the whole coast and it ends at the center of Chalkis.

Fun fact: The old bridge can open for ships to pass under but this is very rare. There is also an indication of when this might happen. Last time we were there the notice was for a few days ahead.

If you are planning for a road trip I will recommend to pass by Chalkida and explore the city on your way to your destination!

This is a great way to see the city and walk around the boardwalk. Personally, I think both of the bridges are scenic and picture worthy.

From there you can head to any direction you like.

A word of advice: DO NOT trust google maps about the roads being paved or not. We had plenty of dirt road surprises. Just try and stay on the high way as much as possible.

The ideal thing is to have a Jeep or 4×4 and a good insurance! Having these you will not have to worry if your car gets stuck or breaks down in the middle of nowhere!

Getting from Athens to Evia island by train

Unfortunately, the infrastructure of Greece is not that great compared to other developed EU cities. Luckily, there is a train connection from Athens to Chalkida with multiple routes.

Here you can find the timetable of all the routes. Check also how long it will take you as some routes take longer than others.

Once you reach Chalkida you can look for domestic busses to explore around. Here you can find all the bus routes within Evia island.

Getting from Athens to Evia island by bus

In the summer season, there are plenty of routes from Liosion bus station located downtown Athens. It is accessible by metro, bus, and train lines. Those busses are called KTEL and reach different destinations in Evia, here you can find them all.

You can also make a connection or reach one of the ports listed below via regional bus lines. Then take the the ferry and enjoy the stay in the preferred destination. Since the regional bus lines from Liosion station do not reach all those nice ports in Evia but just a few cities.

For example, you can take a bus from Athens (Liosion station) to Rafina and from there take the ferry to Marmari. No car needed!

Hopping on a boat or ferry.

You can also choose to get a ferry from multiple places depending on where exactly you are going. Most ferry lines also carry cars which makes the journey way easier. Driving in the heat in an old car without a/c is no fun at all. Trust me on this one!

Ferry routes from Athens to different parts of Evia island

Ferry view on the way to Evia island

From Rafina port to Marmari, Evia

If you are using a car then the car ride from Athens to Rafina will take you about 45 min depending on traffic. The ferry ride is about 50 min journey and if the weather is nice the ride is quite majestic. Here you can find the timetable and prices of the fairs.

From Agia Marina port to Almiropotamos

You should take into account that the car ride from Athens to Agia Marina is about 1h and 10 min depending on traffic. The ferry journey is no longer than 35 min. This route is only operational for the summer period.

From Agia Marina port to Nea Styra

The car ride from Athens to Agia Marina port is about 1h and 10 mins. The ferry takes around 40 mins and it is operational through October as well sometimes even through the whole winter depending on the demand. Here you can check the times and dates. This route is only operational for the summer period.

From Agios Konstantinos port to Agios Gergios, Lichados, Evia

To reach the post via car you will need approximately 1h and 45 min from Athens by car. The actual ferry ride is only 30 mins. This route is only operational for the summer period.

From Nea palatia port to Eretria, Evia

Starting from Athens by car to Nea palatia port it will take you about 1h and the ferry rides last around 30 mins. This route is only operational for the summer period.

How to get form Athens To Edipso Evia by ferry

If you are going to Edipso, where the hot springs are located, then it is ideal to get the ferry from Akritsa. The ferry ride is about 45 min more or less depending on the weather.

Also, if you start from Athens via car then you should know that the car ride will be about 1h and 30 min on the high way. Beware that there are a couple of toll stations that you need to pay depending on the vehicle. The price is different for motorbikes, cars, and trucks!

There is also the option to avoid tolls but be prepared to spend around double the time driving!

On the other hand, if you wish to not take the ferry and use one of the bridges in Chalkida then you should know that the road from the wildlife sanctuary gets scary, there are a couple of warning for falling rocks.

At some point you will be driving on a coastal highway that is alleviated without protection. When we first visited Edipso we took this path and yes it is scenic but scary. On the way back to Athens we took the ferry to Arkitsa and avoided the mild heart attack.

Ferry view on the way to Evia island

Tips on reaching Evia from a local

  • Tickets for the ferries are bought on spot, once you reach the port there are plenty of selling points, unless you are there in winter. In that case ,you will still find a point of sale but it might be a small family owned canteen that is selling the tickets. Don’t be shy to ask around once you reach the port. In some cases, you might be able to call the ticket office and reserve the tickets.
  • If you don’t want to drive you can make several different connections using the regional bus lies
  • Toll stations are all over the highway and it can get pricey.
  • Taking the ferry and avoiding some of the driving is a much more convenient way

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Have you been to Evia island? If not which route would you choose?

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