How to Get from Athens to Evia island: a Local’s Guide

Tired of trying to figure out how to get to Evia island on your own, and pay less?

Are you ready to give up on understanding the ferry routes, port names, and where exactly they are on the map?

And how the heck are you going to pick the most scenic route… to make the best memories and take the perfect pics (duh). Don’t throw away the towel just yet … I got ya!

As you already know, Evia is the closest island to Athens. There, you can enjoy the best of both worlds; Lavish Mountains & Spectacular Beaches. Let’s just say that mother nature is at her finest on Evia island.

Getting there is pretty easy… considering you want to go to one specific place and don’t mind spending, then stop reading. You’ll waste your time.

But if you’re still not sure of which part of Evia you want to go to or if you want to explore the whole island …on a budget then… you’re in the right place.

Here you will find:

  • Different ports & routes.
  • Their  Greek names.
  • Exactly where they are on the map.
  • How to read the signs.

Even if you’re still in-between places, after reading this you’ll be able to pick one or go to all of them. I mean I’m sure all those pics you’ve seen made you wanna explore the whole island. And I don’t blame you.

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Evia’s Points of entry

Here you have 2 choices.

  • Land via car, train, bus, taxi, bike, donkey…whatever tickles your fancy
  • Sea via ferry.

Considering you don’t want to make it rain and rent a yacht or a helicopter😊.

Let’s reject the Taxi and Bike option from the get-go. The first would be not worth it; not sure how much the fare will be for an 80 km/50 miles distance… But I’m sure you don’t want to know.

And how does cycling for that distance sound like in the heat along the highway?… I imagined so.

Also, don’t get too excited about the donkey part…they’re not allowed on the E75!

A private jet is a no-no –  There is NO airport on the island!

To make your choice easier, let’s explore comfortable land options first. (CAR, BUS, & TRAIN)

Getting from Athens to Evia island by car

If you like to be comfortable, having a car to go around is perfect. You get to stop whenever you want and explore mother nature as you go.

Those spontaneous and unplanned stops are the most memorable ones. Discovering little-known gems is a side effect everyone will be jealous of.

Let’s not forget bathroom stops 😊 they are so much more convenient!

The ideal thing is to have a Jeep or 4×4 and good insurance! Basically, any car that can get you through dirt terrain will do the job. This way you don’t have to worry once google maps surprises you with an unexpected dirt road …  A win-win situation- You get to paradise without getting stuck in the middle of nowhere.

Car rental in in Greece
19 – 26 oct 2021

Athens to Evia via car

It will take you about 1h…depending on traffic and your final destination.

As a start, get on the E75 and head to Chalcis, the capital of Evia island.

Chalcis (name written on maps) or Chalkida (Χαλκίδα pronounced hal-ki-da).

It’s a straight line all the way on E75 until you get to the exit for Chalkida. Now you’ll be driving on the A11 as shown in the pic below.�? From there, it’s a straight line again.

Please, use the GPS to double-check!

Now, to cross over the mainland and get to Chalkida you need to use a bridge. There are 2 bridges that can help you do so.

The new bridge is more modern and sure more convenient but it gets crowded and you might get stuck in traffic. Due to it being new, more people prefer it. 

The old bridge goes around the whole coast and it ends at the center of Chalkida. It’s more deserted and you’ll feel the traditional vibe it has to offer.

Fun fact: The old bridge opens in the middle for ships to pass under but this is very rare. There is also a sign of when this might happen. A fun thing to see if you happen to be around.

Both bridges will offer you a unique experience with breathtaking scenery. So be wise, visit them both. One on the way to go and the other on the way back.

If you’re planning for a road trip you should pass by Chalkida and explore the city on your way to your destination! It’s a vibrant yet peaceful city, you’ll love it.

The boardwalk on the sea is very popular with locals and it gets packed in the afternoon.

From Chalkida you can head towards any direction on the island you like.

A word of advice: DO NOT  trust google maps about the roads being paved or not. You’ll get plenty of dirt road surprises. That’s why renting an off-roader would be ideal.

Now if you don’t want to rent a car, you can use the train.

Check your options below.

Athens to Evia island via train

The beautiful landscape along the 1h 1/2min (approx.) route is a one-in-a-lifetime experience. While looking out of the window seat, you’re literally transformed into another world. Where you feel so serene. With every breath you take, your feet are getting lighter. With every green valley you see, you satisfy your soul.

You get that FREE therapy session you need so much. That train ride is your chance to rediscover a side of you, if that sounds interesting… go for it.

You can choose to get the train from many different stops. The port of Piraeus, downtown Athens, … or anywhere else that the Suburban railway stops. Otherwise known as Proastiakos in Greek.

Here you can find the timetable of all the routes. You might also want to check how long it will take you, as some routes take longer than others.

*To get to Chalkida you will need to transfer to a different train at AFIDNAI (ΑΦΙΔΝΕΣ) stop. Most people will be going the same way so ask, or look for the train name ( �?ρος Χαλκιδα/to Chalkida). You can’t get lost!

Once you reach Chalkida you can look for domestic busses to explore around. Here you can find all the bus routes within Evia island.

Athens to Evia island via bus

If you’re visiting in summer, which I hope you are, Greece is a different country. More routes are available…More stores are open…Better weather to dip your hot feet in the clear blue waters. You get the picture…

The busses that will take you to Evia start from Liossion Station. Also known as KTEL Athens Liossion Bus Station, too long I know Greeks call it  KTEL for short. You’ll also find it downtown. To reach, the most convenient way is via taxi from the nearest metro station, unless you happen to be very close by.

You can even avoid the taxi fare and hop on the metro (green line).  Get off at Aghios Nikolaos station (Άγιος Νικόλαος)…then follow google maps directions. You will need to walk a bit, that’s why I say take a taxi from the nearest metro station to KTEL.

Here are your options …the nearest stops to KTEL Liossion (another way to call it):

  • Aghios Nikolaos station pronounces Ag-ios Niko-laos ( Άγιος Νικόλαος) – green line
  • Attiki station (Αττική) – both green + red line interconnect
  • Kato Patissia station (Κάτω �?ατήσια)

The KTEL busses reach different destinations in Evia, here you can find them all.

In some cases, those busses might not reach the place you want to explore in Evia. If that is so, be inventive. First, check the name of the port that connects the mainland with that part of Evia. Then, get a KTEL bus to that port, take the ferry and enjoy the ride.

Those KTEL busses From Athens go to most mainland ports.

Let’s say, you want to conquer the waves in Marmari Evia. Then, you should take a bus from Athens (Liosion station) to Rafina port and from there take the ferry to Marmari. No car needed!

Here are your ferry options…

Hopping on a boat or ferry.

As you know Greece is full of ports and Evia is no exception.

Most ferry lines also carry cars which will make your journey way easier. Driving on the highway for the whole journey gets tiring. Plus the cost is not that high.

A bargain considering the value for money. You and your car get transported.. while you sip *freddo cappuccino enjoying the endless blue sea.

* Freddo Cappuccino is an ice cold cappuccino. Imagine a masterpiece in a cup. Try it, you’ll know exactly what I mean.

Ferry routes from Athens to different parts of Evia island

Have a look at the different port names and how to get there.


Ferry view on the way to Evia island

From Rafina port to Marmari, Evia

If you’re using a car, then the ride from Athens to Rafina will take you about 45 min depending on traffic. There you can buy tickets on spot for the next ferry. No need to worry about availability.

The ferry ride is about 50 min and if weather permitting your journey will be majestic.

If you want some info about the timetable and fares click Here.

Fun fact: Marmari is ideal for all windsurf lovers – amateurs, and professionals alike. You can rent equipment on the beach, how convenient!

Here is a video of Marmari beach.

From Agia Marina port to Almiropotamos

If you want to get from Athens to Agia Marina port, you’re looking at around 1h and 10 mins. Again, traffic plays a role as well.

The ferry journey from Agia Marina to Almiropotamos is no longer than 35 min. But I must warn you… this route is only operational for the summer period.

From Agia Marina port to Nea Styra

From the same port, you can go to Nea Styra. Another port in Evia.

The ferry takes around 40 mins. A heads-up from October and onwards this route might not be operational. Usually, there is way less or no traffic during the winter period so another reason for you to come in the summer.

Here you can check the times and dates.

From Agios Konstantinos port to Agios Gergios, Lichados, Evia

Now, to get to this port from Athens, prepare yourself mentally for a 1h and 45 min drive.

The actual ferry ride is only 30 mins.  Again, this ferry route won’t be available in winter.

From Nea palatia port to Eretria, Evia

Athens to Nea Palatia port – it will take you about 1h. The ferry rides last around 30 mins.

*Only operational for the summer period.

How to get form Athens To Edipso Evia by ferry

If you are going to Edipso, where the hot springs are, then you should get the ferry from Akritsa. It’ill take you about 45 min more or less depending on the weather.

The drive from Athens to Arkitsa port will be about 1h and 30 min on the highway.

*Beware that there are a couple of toll stations. The price depends on your vehicle. The 3 categories are motorbikes, cars, and trucks!

You can avoid tolls if you want but you’ll have to spend around double the time driving! Use the settings in Google map and you’ll be set.

But, if you wish to not take the ferry and drive all the way from Athens to Edipso. You can… To cross over the mainland, you’ll need to use one of the bridges in Chalkida mentioned above and continue.  At some point, you’ll reach a wildlife sanctuary. That’s when the road gets scary, there are a couple of warnings signs, and nets to hold off any falling rocks. A bit of a grim path for the brave among us.

Then, another literal breathtaking part comes- the coastal highway. It creates the illusion that it’s suspended up in the air without any protection. The views are just to die for, not for the light-hearted for sure.

You can drive the scenic coastal highway all the way on the go and return via ferry from Arkitsa port. This way you’ll avoid a second mild heart attack.

Ferry view on the way to Evia island

Pro Tips from a local

  • You can buy the ferry tickets on spot, once you reach the port. There are plenty of selling points with huge signs you can’t miss them… Unless you are visiting in the winter, then the options will be fewer. But as long as the ferries are operational you will still find where to buy tickets. Don’t worry if the place is a small family-owned canteen or the bakery on the corner, they’re legit.
  • Don’t be shy to ask around. People are friendly and if they can, they’ll help you.
  • In some cases, you might be able to call the ticket office and reserve the tickets for your return. It might even come up to less since it’ll be a round-trip.
  • If you don’t want to drive you can take the KTEL busses instead. They go to most places but you might need to make several different connections.
  • Toll stations are all over the highway and it can get pricey.
  • Take the ferry and avoid some of the driving, you’ll be worry-free trust me.

My behind-the-scenes info is gonna make your trip unforgettable. I did the research and you get to bear the benefits. No tireless nights figuring out how to get there, which way to take, and from where.

No more feeling lost with not understanding the names. It’s all Greek to you, I know the feeling…

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Have you been to Evia island? If not which route would you choose?


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