How to Have the Best Customer Service Experience

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The other day I was having a discussion with a friend about her customer service experiences. She was so negative towards not only the experiences themselves but also the agents she was interacting with.

The conversation started because she had an issue with a device and she was dreading contacting the customer service. It was only natural to give her some advice from a personal perspective both as a customer and an ex-customer service agent.

This post was inspired by this particular conversation and the advice I gave her.

11 simple steps everyone can follow in order to have the best customer service experience.

11 simple steps everyone can follow in order to have the best customer service experience. Click To Tweet

1. Calm down.

Having an issue that is not in our scope of understanding can be frustrating. Take a deep breath and calm yourself down before seeking help.

2. Do not spend too much time trying to fix the problem yourself.

You will be surprised how quickly it will be solved by a professional, just request their help sooner rather than later before doing something you are not sure of.

3. Contact the customer service desk.

Send an email/ log a ticket or call the phone number for the customer service.

4. State your issue from the beginning.

Give any relevant information, be concise and clear.

5. Be helpful, it is the key for the best customer service experience.

Provide the agent with anything they request, such as screen sharing, screenshots, invoices and etc. Remember they are there to help.

6. Stay calm.

Even if things don’t go your way or you don’t like the company’s policy just stay calm and allow the agent to do their job fixing your problem.

7. Be professional with customer service.

Nobody likes unprofessional behavior. Plus there are more chances for people to take you seriously by being professional.

8. Say thank you as many times as possible.

Always keep in mind that the agents interact with plenty of people daily trying to resolve issues and a kind word as a “thank you” goes a long way.

9. Listen carefully to the instructions, do not just assume.

This might be hard to do, I know it was for me in the beginning😀. When I had to contact customer service for the first time I didn’t pay attention to what I was being told. However, once I started listening, my issue was resolved. I advise you, to do the same.

10. Do not be ironic, condescending or provocative.

Always choose the high way, things might get heated be the mature one and do not fall for their immaturity.

11. If the issue gets resolved, go the extra mile and show your appreciation.

Send a positive survey, or a nice thank you note through the chat if possible.

What I always write is.

“Thank you so much for your help and effort. But for your help, I wouldn’t be able to fix it. You have been extraordinary. Have a wonderful day.”

The bottom line for the best customer service experience.

If we always put ourselves in other people’s shoes, we can never go wrong. Be empathetic, nice and respectful at all times.

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How do you interact with customer service agents? Do you have any other tips to add?


8 thoughts on “How to Have the Best Customer Service Experience

  1. This is a great post for someone like me who gets easily wound up and annoyed by having to call customer services (i also get very anxious before making a phone call which makes me seems a little rude over the phone purely because of how uncomfortable I am in the first place) it’s nice to be reminded of some things to remember. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hey Katelyn, I use to get frustrated and act out a conversation and possible scenarios in my head before the call. The end result was catastrophic and I wasn’t getting anywhere near getting my issue resolved. So I decided to change my attitude and voila things got so much smoother now. I don’t get nervous before contacting them anymore. I hope your experience changes as well. Thank you for visiting and commenting ☺️

  2. I know what you mean in the last point about thinking about being in that persons shoes. I always try my best to be emphatic and kind as it’s not nice to have someone scream at you down the phone.

    Kayleigh Zara 🌟

    1. Hi Kayleigh,
      This might seem minor but it goes a long way. Being nice makes the experience better plus “you catch more flies with honey”. I know of people that have experienced a nervous breakdown after a screaming customer. Our actions have consequences no matter how small, we should always keep that in mind. Thank you for taking the time and commenting. 😊

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