How to Make Yogurt – Based Dip (Tzatziki) with a Twist

If you have tried Greek cuisine then you know about tzatziki.

In case you haven’t, let me introduce you to this delicious yogurt dip called tzatziki; your future go-to dip to accompany any finger food. You can check the correct pronunciation at Many people seem to be mispronouncing it.

⚠ Beware: It is light, refreshing, and extremely addictive. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

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What is tzatziki?

It is a common appetizer in every Greek restaurant or Tavern usually in the “meze” section of the menu. It is made using cucumbers, thick strained yogurt, garlic, olive oil, and fresh dill.

This dip is famous all around Greece and it is very easy to do. I use it as a dip whenever I serve burek, meatballs, skewers, burgers, steak, schnitzel to name just a few.

It is perfect as a spread for sandwiches as well, especially the one made using a pita. After all, Tzatziki in Greece is used as a spread in the most famous fast food dish – souvlaki pita! I also have an easy recipe to follow and make souvlaki-pita at home like a Pro, check it out here.

I like to make my food with a twist so I add some nuts, black pepper, and sometimes a pinch of turmeric. Feel free to make any adjustments according to your taste buds. For this recipe, I didn’t add turmeric because it changes the traditional look and taste of it. So, I will suggest doing it without turmeric the first time and if you want then the next time you can add some to see the difference.

How to make tzatziki in no time?

First, you need to wash the cucumbers, dill, peel the garlic.

Next, crush the nuts into smaller pieces using a mortar and pestle. If you don’t have one no worries just crush them with the blender or using your hands.

Then, grate the cucumbers in a big bowl or dish using a grater, no need to peel or seed them. I use the big holes because we like the crunchiness of the cucumbers in the dip. Now, you must notice a bit of water, what you can do is use your hands to squeeze the excess water out or use a strainer.

However, if you like your cucumbers in a paste-like form then, by all means, use the small hole. Heads up, since cucumbers are 95% water the paste will be quite watery and mushy so you will need to drain it for a while using a strainer.

After that, press the garlic with a garlic press and chop the dill on the cutting board. Add the nuts, garlic paste, chopped dill, yogurt, salt, pepper, and olive oil to the grated cucumbers and mix well.

Let it rest for 30 min-1h in the fridge before feasting on it.

Pro tips:

The longer it stays the sharper the taste becomes. The garlic in it will make the yogurt a bit bitter.

I recommend using Fage Total 5% Plain yogurt because the texture is perfect for tzatziki.

When deciding on Olive oil please use cold-pressed and Extra virgin it is a bit more expensive than the refined one but it is worth every cent. The taste and quality are way better, try it and you will see for yourself. Here is the one I believe is the best on the market.

If you have more time, you can drain the cucumbers overnight while having the rest of the ingredients in the fridge without the dill. Then, the next day ad the drained cucumbers to the rest of the ingredients and don’t forget to leave the dill for last.

Best enjoyed with…

  • Souvlaki pita
  • Warm pita bread
  • Sandwiches
  • Grilled meat
  • Cooked and Raw veggies

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Here is the recipe…

Yogurt dip “tzatziki”

A refreshing dip with a twist.
Course Side Dish
Cuisine Mediterranean
Keyword Greek cuisine, tzatziki, yogurt dip
Cook Time 7 minutes
Additional time in refrigerator 1 hour 1 hour
Total Time 1 hour 7 minutes
Servings 4 people
Calories 35kcal


  • grater
  • drainer
  • mortar and pestle/blender
  • garlic press


  • 3 cucmbers small, unpeeled
  • 1 glove garlic medium
  • 8 Tbsp yogurt 5% fat
  • 2 tbsp Olive oil Extra virgin
  • 2 Tbsp dill finely chopped
  • ½ tbsp salt
  • ¼ tbsp Black pepper
  • ¼ cup walnuts


  • Grate the cucmbers in a big bowl
  • Paste the garlic on top of the grated cucumbers
  • Add the yogurt to the mixture
  • Add the crashed whalnuts
  • Add the salt, black pepper, Olive oil and dill
  • Mix well
  • Refrigirate for 30min – 1h


Have you tried this recipe? Do you have a twist of your own? Let me know in the comments.

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