July Rewind: A Blind Date with Summer

I know I have said this before but honestly, I have no idea how time flew and another month has gone by. July passed me by like a storm on a summer day and time came for me to rewind what has happened and digest all the adventures.

Like all the rest of the monthly rewind I am also doing those posts for me. Sharing all my adventures with all of you is even more special.

Huge news in July

  1. Google featured us on a snippet! This is huge for our relatively new and small blog! Click here to see it.
  2. Another collaboration with a fellow blogger. Melissa featured me in her post “Overcoming your google analytic worries“, check it out!
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Courses I’ve done

This month things were slow when it comes to learning. I did manage to do some but I wish I did more. Here are the ones I did and some info about them.

Keyword research by Moz academy

I wish I had come across this course in the beginning of my blogging journey. Time and time again I would come across people swearing by the power of keywords and how important the research is; to be able to rank but I never truly understood what that means.

How do you do it?

Where do you search?

How do you come up with those keywords?

Those questions were haunting me and no matter how many guides and posts I read online I could never really comprehend the whole keywords strategy. This course made things so much easier to understand and the video guides are so simple.

If you have the same questions as me and are struggling with keywords, do check this course. The only drawback is that you need to update previous posts, something I am dreading 😒.

Of course at some point you will come across them advertising their own product but you can still do the steps using free tools online and get the same results.

Free blog traffic crash course by Ell Duclos

Mini course with some info for beginners. There is some info that is valuable but overall I wouldn’t say I learnt a lot.

Instastrategy course by Ell Duclos

She shares some tips on how to engage, grow and search for hashtags to get more exposure. Sure all these tips are great but some do not bring any results right away. Like everything out there consistency and hard work will get you results. Do not expect miracles.

How to start a money making blog course by Ell Duclos

The title can be misleading since the steps are more about how to build a more reliable blog. Where your audience trusts you and are willing to buy from you but it does not cover answers to:

How to determine you audience and convert them into customers.

Step by step guide to money making.

Overall the 3 courses by Ell were available to me for FREE and that is why I did check them, the info she shares in those courses is available for free online elsewhere.

Awesome pics of July

I love capturing the moment and reliving it through pics. Going back and looking at the photos transforms me to that exact time and I remember so many things connected to that pic. Here are some of my favorites.

Adventures in July

I went on roads trips!!! Wohoo!!!

The thing is that due to circumstances and lock down I hadn’t explored and traveled outside of Athens since last year so I was reaching my limits 😊. We decided to explore the closest island to Athens, Evia. It is huge and there are plenty of things to see and do.

Don’t miss my upcoming posts about the road tripping during Covid19 and the places worth visiting in Evia.

Things I’ve kept up in July

Since lock down I have been trying to take better care of myself physically and mentally. My 45 min workouts have been awesome in helping me achieve just that. I would also like to announce that I have lost 5 kilos (11 lbs) by eating healthier and exercising. Wohoo 🎉

I don’t like diets and being restricted, so there were none of these happening. I still ate what I liked but for lunch, dinners were light. Not to mention ice-cream was on the menu daily😊.

Recipes I’ve mastered

In July I didn’t experiment that much with cooking due to the heat.

What I’m looking forward to in August

I really hope things get better with the pandemic and scientist find a vaccine or a cure. There are so many things I’ve learnt to appreciate but I think we have all had enough!

Keeping up with my exercising routine is something I really want to achieve. Now that I start seeing some results, nothing can stop me😊.

I would also like to learn more things and keep educating myself on all sorts of stuff but my main learning field will be all things related to blogging.

There might be more trips in the cards for me so stay tuned😊.

Please share your July adventures with me in the comments!

What did you think of mine?

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