Mavic Mini: Drone on a Budget, Basic vs Fly More Combo

After months of enjoying other people’s drone videos and pics online we decided it is time for us to get one. Of course, this meant a lot of research about which one is the best drone on a budget. We went with DJI’s Mavic Mini and we love it.

In this post, I will go over why you need one too if you are budget shopping. The difference between the 2 versions (drone only – combo) and the price differences.

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Why you should get DJI’s Mavic Mini?

Regarding drones, Size does play a role😊:

My favorite part of the drone is that; it is extremely small. The Mavic Mini fits in the palm of your hand which makes it so easy to handle and carry! It is perfect for traveling as well, we took it on all of our road trips. Unfortunately, no abroad traveling for us yet due to the pandemic.

It is ONLY 249 gr:

Why is this important? In some countries there are regulations, which you need to know and follow. For example, in many places if you have a drone above 250 gr you will need a license to fly it and register it. So the Mavic mini being only 249 gr is perfect for you to go around this regulation as a beginner.

It costs ONLY $399 or $499 for the combo version

This very important feature makes it ideal for the title of the best drone on a budget!

Having researched all the drone brands, we came to the conclusion that DJI is the best drone company on the market. The Mavic mini is their only item designed for beginners that has the majority of cool features a bigger drone has but for less.

How cool is that? You get the best of both worlds, drone on a budget and the coolest features of some way more expensive Mavic Mini counterparts!

Mavic Mini drone on a budget cost breakdown!

Due to being super small and cute the price is just right. DJI offers two versions which you really need to know about and see what works for you.

Drone only: $399

Check out below the basic items that this version has. The aircraft, remote, gimbal protector, control sticks, the USB cable, and the different connectors are the basic tools you need to start flying. The spare propellers, spare screws, and screwdriver are extras that you WILL need later on if you are a beginner like us!

Side note: DJI has thoughtfully included different kind of connectors which can be used with different kinds of phones (iOS or Android).

Combo only: $499

Check out all the extra goodies you get with the combo version! Some of my favorites are the extra batteries, the two way charging hub and the propeller guard.

Personally, I think that the combo is a much better choice to go with money wise! The extra included in the combo come up to much more if you get the items separately (I will go through the pricing below and why you need them).

The truth is that you really need those extras if you are a beginner, don’t assume that flying a drone is easy!

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What does the Mavic Mini combo come with?

When the extras are sold separately they come up to much more!

The price of Mavic mini’s combo accessories sold separately :

Propellers are sold in packs x2 plus screws for $12. So the extra 2 (3 in total) that come in the combo pack times $12 come up to $24.

Check them out here.

One intelligent flight battery is $45 and the combo gives you 3. So if you got the basic Mavic Mini drone with one battery and would like to get 2 extra separately, you would have to pull out $90 extra 🤔 .

Check them out here.

The two way charging hub is $39 and you will definitely need it, but the basic version for $399 does not come with it! The combo does!

Check the price here.

The propeller guard is needed for beginners because it really does protect the propellers in conditions that you can’t control or be able to avoid dangers. Which is basically most of the time since you will be flying the drone for the first time😊.

They cost $19 and you can check them here.

The USB charger is again only in the combo version and separately comes up to $15. Here is the price.

The Carrying bag in the combo is not available for purchase separately. DJI has a different version that costs $39.

A bag to protect the drone and the accessories is ESSENTIAL , I repeat ESSENTIAL. Everything is SO Fragile.

Taking into consideration all the 6 items mentioned above are included in the Mavic Mini combo version the total of them bought separately will come up to $226 EXTRA. With the combo being only $100 more than the basic version I think it is a steal!

Everyone loves budgeting and not having to spend $126 extra for all the accessories that are basically essential, is GREAT! You get to save that money for something else. Stay tuned to see what other extra stuff are great to have where you can spend those extra money you just saved😊.

Why should I get the Mavic Mini combo?

Here are 4 very important reasons to consider if you want to be smart with your money and get the best drone on a budget!

#1. The 3 batteries!

The thing is that like every company nowadays, DJI is also trying to make money so they will have the extra accessories sold separately to make you spend more! Having that said, the 3 batteries that the combo has and the battery charger are a total life saver!

You see when it is perfectly fine to fly one battery will last you about 20-25 min of flying time. Start counting from the moment you turn on the drone. If the drone is having some trouble due to winds for example, the battery lasts for only 10-15 min. This is a huge difference!

So, if you have planned to shoot for more you can’t because you are out of battery. Do you see how handy having 3 batteries are?

#2. The two way charging hub

This amazing charging hub can charge 3 batteries and be used as an external charger for other devices that connect via USB. We have successfully charged cellphones and an action camera using the charging hub.

The cool thing is that it charges the batteries in sequence, so once the first is ready you can use it and have the rest charging.

Getting the two way charging hub to charge the batteries is just a no-brainer!

We usually charge all 3 batteries from home and have them ready for use. 95% of the times all 3 batteries need charging afterwards. So, do yourself a huge favor and have more than one battery!

#3. The carrying bag

Another cool thing that the combo has is the carrying bag which fits everything besides the propeller guard which I think is something DJI should have thought about! Anyhow, the bag is super cute and resistant. It is the size of a 10″ tablet but fatter 😊 and more stylish!

#4. The 3 pairs of back up propellers

The $399 version has 1 pair of propellers!

The $499 combo version comes with 3 pairs of propellers!

This is important because those propellers are extremely sensitive the smallest thing can damage them. DJI advises to change them even if there is a barely visible damage. According to the manual this will affect the flying quality, in some cases you might just lose it while flying if those are damaged!

We had to change our back propellers in the first 2 weeks despite being extra careful with it. Even though, the protective guard was on, the thing is that sh*t happen and you should be prepared on spot and not have to order replacements and wait.

It is super practical to have 3 pairs of propellers just what the combo comes with. Imagine you want to fly the Mavic Mini but you need to replace the propellers but you don’t have them as a back up? Ugh …. so annoying!

Is the Mavic Mini fly combo worth it?

Most definitely! You get so much more for way less!

To recap Mavic Mini drone on a budget!

Overall, the Mavic Mini is a great buy and you will fall in love with it instantly. Regardless of the version you go for you will have an awesome drone to take breathtaking videos and pics with.

However, if you are looking for the best deal that has all you need for less, definitely consider the fly more combo. It is only 100 bucks more but you get things valued at 226 $. You get to SAVE 126 $ off when buying the combo. Isn’t that amazing for a drone on a budget!

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