How to Apply Sunscreen: The Devil is in the Detail

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Do you think you know how to apply sunscreen correctly? This is a tricky question considering that we ALL think we do. Trust me, I also thought I knew in the past.

Have you heard someone tell you “I got burned, even though I was wearing sunscreen”? or my all time favorite, “There was no sun and I still got burned”?

I hear them all the time and I decided to write this post and explain why you might feel that your sunscreen is not working; if you ever applied it in the first place 😊.

Side note: You might be using it the wrong way!

I have my own experience with not applying sunscreen and it was horrible. You see, I ended up with second degree burns on my back. I was only able to sleep on my belly for 2 weeks (not a position I like). The memories of my best friends back then – Aloe Vera gel and yogurt are still very vivid. Since, then I have learnt my lesson.

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